Seiryu – a Sequence Posted on November 22, 2010

2 November - Acer mono behind left, A. koreana right

Having rashly forecast the chromatic choreography of Seiryu, my favourite Japanese maple (see my Tree of the Month), I must eat my words.

It has not caught fire as it did last year. Instead this slow-motion autumn, with no proper cold nights, although a fair amount of
sunshine, has had the results you see in these dated photos: a slow fade into yellow.

Yellow has been the season’s motif.
The field maples have been bulwarks
of bullion along roadsides. Elms, too,
where they still survive. Only oaks
around these fields are deepening in
colour to something approaching

Here is Seiryu over the course of the last
three weeks……..

7 November
11 November
16 November
15 November

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