Pelargoniums – you have a rival Posted on October 22, 2014

My name is Sundevilla

Sundevilla? – what’s that? It was the bedding plant of choice all over South West France this summer, in tubs and beds, pots and planters, in sun or shade – everywhere. It’s not surprisng; this variety/cross/I’m not sure what of Mandevilla is a glorious sight; a bright shining scarlet, profuse and irresistibly cheerful. Where it’s listed it is sometimes described as Mandevilla ‘Sundeville Red’, sometimes as a Dipladenia. Being of that bloodline it makes a good tight clump in year one, then in year two puts out its climbing shoots. If you don’t want a climber you take cuttings and start again.

I gather there may be a Sundaville Hotel in Miami Beach. Ville…. who knows? Whatever the story, we may be getting sick of it in a year or two.

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