Rosa ‘Chapeau de Napoléon’ Posted on August 16, 2017

I probably planted this, decades ago, because I was intrigued by the name. I have never seen Boney’s cocked hat in it, whether he wore it this way or that way. But I love the colour, the bounty of its flowering and its luscious slightly musky scent, and can put up with its legginess and lots of little thorns – although the front of a bed is not the best place to put such a tall-growing and droopy rose.

But why is it my Flower of the Week? Because it is in full flower in August, going against all the rules for a Centifolia or Provence rose, supposedly (or officially) early-summer-flowering only. I put it down to the wonderful rainfall we have had – and a fair ladle of manure last winter.

The mossy calyx is apparently the hat-like part. But I still don’t see it.

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Rosa ‘Chapeau de Napoléon’

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